Friends Minutes

Friends of the Kindred Public Library
Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2022

In attendance: Lisa Anderson, Jen Guzik, Linda Otterson, Gail Rogne, Irene Stark, Jen Swenson, Georgia Berg

The Secretary’s Report was reviewed. Motion made by Gail and seconded by Jen to approve; motion carried.

The November 14 Financial Report was submitted, showing an ending balance of $14,322.33. Two stop payment fees of $15 each were listed; these were for lost checks given to Safari Theater. Jen S deducted the $30 fee from their final payment due. The report was submitted with donation names listed; this information has been removed and will not be included on future reports. There is no need to separate Venmo from cash/check donations on future entries. The October 10 Financial Report was also submitted at this meeting. The balance on August 31 was $13,813.23; ending balance on October 2 was shown as $13,934.45. Both reports will be filed as amended.

Old/New Business:

** Tour of Homes – November 20 – Jen G/Linda O. Trustees will provide treats at the Library. Joan H will work with raffle ticket sales from Noon-2:30; Jen G will work with Tour ticket sales. Linda, Lisa, and Georgia will assist as available. Extra building fund donation letters and/or a small poster will be displayed at each home; a donation basket will not be included. There are also two vendor displays (Memorial Building/K-Town) from 11-4 on the 20th; building fund donation information will also be made available at both locations.

The next Friends of the Kindred Public Library meeting will be on Monday, December 12, at 6pm in the Library. The Board of Trustees meeting will follow at 7:00.

Georgia Berg, Secretary
Friends of the Kindred Public Library