Friends Minutes

Friends of the Kindred Public Library

Meeting Minutes – January 5, 2020

(following Kindred Public Library Annual Planning Meeting)


In attendance: Lisa Anderson, Linda Otterson, Jen Swenson, Jen Guzik

The secretary’s minutes from December 2, 2019, were presented; motion by Jen S; second by Linda O to approve.

The Monthly Financial Report was presented by Jen S, stating a balance on January 6, 2020, of $15,112.58.

  • Discussion:
    • Income included donations, memorial, and bags of book sales.
    • Expenses included Safari DVDs, Reporter Ads, and Secretary of State Nonprofit fee

The financial report will be filed as presented.

Linda O made the motion to transfer $5,000 to the Kindred Public Library; Jen S seconded. Discussion held; motion approved.

The 2019 Year End Financial Report was presented and reviewed. Discussion highlights include:

  • Income:
    • Donations – $776.00
    • Memorials – $105.00
    • Bags of Books Sales – $137.50
    • Other (copies, Keurig donation) – $20.90
    • Fund Raising Events:
      • Festival of Table – profit $2,212.00
      • Tour of Homes – profit $2,273.00
      • Safari Theatre – profit $435.81
    • Expense:
      • Dues and Fees – $94.95
      • Insurance – $250.00
      • Miscellaneous – $284.10

Overall 2019 Year End Financial Total was an income of $5,331.16. Recommendation to post a short financial overview on Facebook and website.

Old/New Business:

  • Posting of Friends and Library boards minutes
    • Current minutes of both the Kindred Public Library Board and the Friends Board need to be posted for patrons and community viewing. Discussion held on sites/locations for posting. Agreement to continue with the Kindred Public Library website and the bulletin board at the library, with specific individual items posted on Facebook as requested by the boards.
  • Safari Theatre
    • 2020 tentative practice and performance dates: July 27 – 31
    • Jen Swenson received a letter from the Safari Theatre organization requesting approval to solicit library patrons, by letter, to request donations for their organization. Lisa Anderson made the motion to deny, Jen Swenson seconded. Discussion held. Motion approved.
  • Guidelines for Fund Raising Activities/Events
    • This document will be reviewed at the upcoming board meetings. Reminder to review newspaper advertising options such as costs, use of color ads, page location. General library communications options will also be discussed.

The next meeting will be Monday February 3, 2020, at 6:00 pm at the library. All patrons are welcome to attend.

Linda Otterson, Director

Friends of the Kindred Public Library