Board Minutes

Kindred Public Library

Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2018


  • Call to Order:  Joan called the meeting to order. Attending the meeting were Joan, Shad, Jen, Wendy, Jackie and Karen.  Lisa represented Friends and Directors.
  • Minutes of previous meeting:
    • Reviewed October meeting minutes.
    • Jackie approves, Jen seconds.
  • Treasure’s report
    • $350 Expense for Office Supplies is a double set of ink for printers
    • Karen approves, Joan seconds.
  • Old Business
    • Single shelf for ND/Community Materials
      1. Currently being ordered.
  • Committee reports:

Friends and Directors:

  • Tour of Homes
    • November 18
    • 5 homes
    • Don’t forget Board Members to bring 2 dozen treats.
    • Joanne Ordahl and Jody Nessimeier are getting volunteers for home hosts.
    • Raffle tickets can be purchased now.
    • Bring any baskets ready ASAP so they can be on display in the library to promote the raffle.
  • Art Crawl
    • 3-4 artists on display at the Library
    • Kids came through, along with high school art and 6th graders and 5 adults with two artists present.
    • We are the drop off point for the initial startup for the art.
  • Saturday Story Time
    • 1st Saturday of the month October – April.
      • Good numbers in October and November
      • Jackie volunteered to read December 1.
    • Statistics
      • No shifts open!!!
      • Patron numbers have dropped in the statistics due to the state recommended only active members in the last 3 years, so some purging has been going on.
      • Halloween was well attended.
      • Winter number of patrons is going down, as expected.
    • New Apollo Software
      • Live with Apollo November 12 weekend.
      • Downloads and exports Friday night and the will add information one live.
      • Dual systems for 2 weeks.
      • 10 volunteers have come in to work their shift and train.
  • Little Free Library
    • Placed white ribbon on libraries as the founder passed away.
    • Seems to be used.
    • Potentially do an ad in the Cass Country Reporter
    • Plug on website/Facebook again soon.

Next meeting:

  • December 3, 7:00 PM
  • Start thinking about officers and replacing Karen Schmitz as her term is up.

Adjournment:   Jackie made a motion to adjourn.   Jen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Submitted by Karen Schmitz.