Board Minutes

Kindred Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2020

  1. Joan called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.
  2. Present were Joan P., Jen G., Deb G., Sara A., Ozzie P., and Jackie J.
  3. Joan moved to approve the minutes from the previous month. Deb seconds.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – no paper report; will officially approve next month with printed report.
    1. Income – $5,000.00 from friends; $270.99 from property taxes from the City of Kindred.
    2. Expenses – Book supplies $93.45; Books $53.45; Rent – $333.33; Phone – $57.48; Misc. $96.00 (misc. and memorial flowers).
    3. Old Business – 2020 Budget
      1. Working to reduce overall budget to better reflect the Board’s income from state funds/taxes, and less reliance on Friends.
      2. Reductions: Books to $3,500; Community Events to $700; Library Equipment to $1,100; Office/General Supplies to $450.00.

iii. Sara moved to accept $15,249.96 budget for 2020, Joan seconded; all approved.

  1. New Business
    1. Holiday Hours – Holiday hours (closings) throughout the year were discussed.
    2. New Board Member Approval – Because the library is affiliated with the city, going forward, all new board members will need to be approved by Kindred City Council.
    3. Committee Projects for Long-term Planning – Board members selected with which committees they would like to participate. Jackie will serve on #1 Advancing Communications with Linda O. Jen, Lisa, and Sara will work on #2 Add/Improve Signage for KPL. Georgia, Lisa, and Joan will serve on #3 Community Connections. A few directors/board members are left to decide on which committee they will participate.
    4. Discussed Signage – KPL is looking to improve signage and enhance the exposure. Ozzie mentioned looking into possibility of using the city’s highway fund for signage out by the highway. Also looking into enhanced signage for KPL building. Talked about the possibility of a school project, shop project, or Eagle Scout project to help with costs.
    5. Memorials – Friends will purchase some library materials, Westerns, in memory of Gary Cruff, Sandra Cruff’s husband; Georgia will send a card. Sandra is a long-time volunteer for KPL.
      1. Going forward, Friends/Board will create guidelines/categories for memorials for consistency; categories may include creating designated memorial for groups such as – Currents Board Members, Past Board Members, Current Volunteers, Past Volunteers, Spouses/Family of volunteers/friends/board, etc.
    6. Volunteers – Two new volunteers have been trained in – Bethany Johnson and Angie Anderson. Welcome!
    7. Saturday Storytime – Linda O. and Marlys B. will be conducting story time Saturday, March 7. The theme is “LEAP into Reading”.
    8. Wifi/internet issues – KPL had internet connectivity/wi-fi issues on 2/29. Jackie had called Ryan at State Library IT (3/2) to repair the guest wi-fi (simply unplug/plug back in). Ryan had talked about possibly needing to upgrade KPL’s router in the future, as this may continue to happen. He also mentioned some IT and network infrastructure grants that have been available and encouraged KPL to seek those out in the future.
    9. Agenda for April 6, 2020 meeting:
      1. Call meeting to order, attendance
      2. Review/approval of previous month’s minutes
      3. Treasurer’s report
      4. Old Business – Revisit and finalize Committee projects/Long-term planning. Determine dates for initial meetings.
      5. New Business – Director’s report – (Lisa)
      6. Next meeting will be Monday, April 6, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
      7. Jen motioned to adjourn; Joan seconded. All approve.

Jackie Johnson, secretary