Board of Trustees Minutes

Kindred Public Library
Board of Trustees – Meeting Minutes
Monday October 10th, 2022

1. Jen Guzik called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.
2. Present: Jen Guzik, Bethany Johnson, Lisa Anderson, Jackie Johnson, Nikki Weber, Sara Anderson, Linda Otterson, Gail Rogne and Ozzie Peraza
3. Secretary Report:
– Bethany made a motion to approve September 12th, 2022 minutes. Nikki second the motion and all approved.
4. Treasurer’s Report:
– Library is on track with current budget plan for 2022
– One CD has recently renewed; they are renewed automatically; penalty for pulling early is mere dollars
– FCCU currently does not have anything with better interest rates
 – Nikki made a motion to transfer $5000 from current checking to an FCCU savings account, Bethany second, all approved
– Jackie will follow-up with Georgia on Festival of Tables reimbursement
– Record Keepers cost has increased from $16 to $17.50 every 8 weeks
– Trustees will discuss a policy for the treasurer position at yearly budget meeting
– Treasurer’s Report is filed as presented
5. Directors Report:
– Lisa handed out the stats for the Library; 123 patrons in September with an average of 4.2 patrons per shift; numbers are down from August as they do each year with the start of school
– All volunteer hours are filled
– Local History Archive Grant dollars spent and reimbursed sheet were handed out; grant paid 90% and Library paid 10%; grant would only reimburse for the actual item costs, not for tax, shipping/handling, etc
– Halloween coming up soon and Irene will hand out candy; Bethany made a motion to purchase $60 in candy; Nikki 2nd the motion; all approved
– Yearly Lighting contest is going to be passed on to another board; will discuss Kindred Park Board taking over as it would be a better fit
– Proposal for new member at large; Jackie J. has talked with her neighbor Jessie Becker and she is interested in joining; will have her join us at November meeting    
6. Other New Business
Library Building –
– All funds raised for the purchase of the building will be going through Friends (they are non-profit group/501c3)
– Linda is applying for a grant from Operation Round-Up; can apply for up to $10,000
– Lisa is applying for a grant from KAAR for up to $1,000
– There is now a Building Committee to help with fundraising projects; Linda O., Jackie J., Lisa A., Polly R. and Leah L are on committee
– Goal is to do as much fundraising as possible from now until end of year; will give us a better idea for where we are in the 1st quarter
– Cotton candy sales at homecoming tailgating raised $400  
– Scheels will be donating $500 per employee
7. Committee Reports & Revamping of Committees
– Communication Group –
 – Communication group has worked on binders for internal communication; next steps will include volunteer   packets with the basic information for their roles; update to a more substantial new patron packet – update brochures with services, opportunities, etc; website updates/cleanup – better tabs, links, etc  
– Signage Group – has been dissolved
– Area Wide Communication Group – reported at September meeting
New & Revamped Committees
   – Area Wide Communication; Georgia, Bethany and Jen G.
   – Internal Communication; Jackie, Nikki, and Linda
   – Building Management Committee; Gail, Sara and Lisa
– Jessie Becker (new member at large) will choose a committee at next meeting

8. Next meeting on Monday, November 14th at 7pm
9. Ozzie made a motion to adjourn meeting at 8:12pm, Jackie second, all approved, Jen G adjourned.

Sara Anderson, Secretary
Kindred Library Board of Trustee