Board of Trustees Minutes


Kindred Public Library
Board of Trustees – Meeting Minutes
Monday, January 9th 2023

1. Jen Guzik called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.

2. Present: Jen Guzik, Jackie Johnson, Jesse Becker, Bethany Johnson, Nikki Weber, Lisa Anderson, Ozzie Perazza, Sara Anderson

Secretary’s Report (Sara)
– November meeting minutes and December meeting minutes were presented to the group; no changes or updates needed to either month’s meeting minutes
– Bethany made a motion to approve November’s meeting minutes, Jackie second, all approved
– Jackie made a motion to approve December’s meeting minutes, Jessie second, all approved

Treasurer’s Report (Jackie):
– Jackie presented December 2022 Account Balances and 2022 Itemized Expenses & Income Report at Annual Budget meeting and was approved during that time (see 2023 Budget minutes)
– Discussion and approval of transferring funds to FCCU was done during Annual Budget meeting; will choose new officers before any transfers are made from Kindred State Bank to FCCU; Jackie’s term on the board is done so a new Treasurer will be nominated.

Directors’ Report
– 2023 Proposed Budget and 2022 Library Statistics were presented and approved at the Annual Budget meeting (see 2023 Budget Minutes)
– 2023 Committee’s and Reporting were discussed and approved at the Annual Budget meeting (see 2023 Budget minutes)
– Lisa presented the group with the Library’s Board of Trustee’s By-Laws which is required by the state; more discussion on those by-laws will occur in 2023

New Business
2023 New Officer Nominations
– Jen G and Jackie’s terms are complete and their officer positions will need to be filled
– Jackie made a motion to nominate Bethany as President, Jesse as Vice President, and Sara as Secretary; Ozzie second and all approved
– Jackie made a motion to nominate Nikki as Treasurer, Bethany second and all approved
– New Officers for 2023:
      – President = Bethany J
      – Vice President = Jesse B
      – Secretary = Sara A
      – Treasurer = Nikki W
      – City Council = Ozzie P & Darrel K
      – Members at Large = 2 open positions
– Library will send out an email and a Facebook post regarding the two open positions on the Board of Trustees

Other Business
Bethany, Nikki and Lisa will be added to the new Treasurer’s Policy as individuals who are able to access the Library’s bank accounts
  – Sara made a motion to approve these additions to the policy and bank accounts, Ozzie second and all approved

Next meeting will be on Monday, February 13th at 7pm. Meeting adjourned at 7:16 p.m.

Sara Anderson, Secretary
Kindred Library Board of Trustee